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「愚かなる弟よ 恨め、憎め!」
15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs

Twitter posts are public, but actual LJ posts are friends only.

Rules to be Added:
1. We must have some stuff in common.
2. If I don't know you, make sure you introduce yourself or I won't friend you back.
3. Don't throw rocks at me for being lame/random/annoying.

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(Deleted comment)
Dec.22.04 (UTC)
Yeah, it is XD Here's the scan:


When I saw it crop up in this humongous Deg gallery, I was like "... o___o" but then I realized how randomly cool it was.

Kiyoharu: "Ohh, I'm just so sexy"
Kyo: "Oh yeah?? Well I'M--"
Random Person: "KA-WA-IIIIIII~~!!11eleven1" *o*
Kyo: "SHUT UP!!!"

But yeah, I want to track down that magazine so badly... 'cause I want to know what the hell's up with this pic XD
Dec.22.04 (UTC)
Kyo x Kiyohara = awesome. That picture rules.
Jan.06.05 (UTC)
Hello, I read through your journal and you seemed really cool.. Lesse, introduction. My name is Tiffany and I am 16. I love Jrock, Halo (the game) and many other random things. I post pictures quite a bit, so if that annoys you, you don't have to add me.
Jan.06.05 (UTC)
Added :) Welcome to my weird little world, I guess o_O

I've been spamming LJ the past couple days since there's no school... just a warning XD

And yay for JRock <333 *randomly molests mass quantities of Jrockers*
Jan.11.05 (UTC)
ah beep beep! long time no see! *hugs* chinky eyes+yellow skin = superhuman
Jan.20.05 (UTC)
Pretty new layout! Add me, fartknocker.
p.s. it's anchored in ks...not anchore dinks
Jan.23.05 (UTC)
Hello ^^ Just found your journal~ Your layout is so pretty and cute <33 It got me interested XD Tehe... Just read some entries and you really seem to be interesting so I wanted to ask you if you would add me to your friends list? ^^"

Short introduction: Well... I'm a 19 years-old, Uchiha obsessed~ Naruto-fangirl... and I'm living in austria (so english isn't my native language) ^_^" Hope you forgive me if I make any mistakes XD"
Feb.23.05 (UTC)
Finally added you x_X If you're still interested, feel free to check up on my El Jay.

Yay for teh smexy Uchihas <3
Jan.26.05 (UTC)
Hey, i'm Lizzie! ^_^ I'm pretty much obsessed with Naruto and I love the Sasunaru pairing to death ♥♥

You seem really awesome, mind if I add you? :)
Feb.23.05 (UTC)
Hey, I finally got around to updating my friends list... so now you're on it!! Feel free to stalk me if you're still interested XD

*is so jealous of your PLC-spotting*

I saw them at A-Kon last year... but I wanna see them again ToT
Jan.28.05 (UTC) - Lauren!!!!!!
Hey hey...thanks for commenting first!! ^_^

<3 ~Adam~
Feb.05.05 (UTC)
yo, i want in!
we have forensics in common. and good looks.
Feb.23.05 (UTC)

(I finally added you :P)
Apr.01.05 (UTC)
Hoi! I'm a stranger. ^^;;; But I'm not scary~ I'm just a silly fangirl who stumbled upon your lj and feels we have things in common. Err...

Okay, so I saw the pretty Sasu-Naru and got all bubbly inside.

XD Friends?
Apr.22.05 (UTC) - Add me?
Hey there! I found your journal through cosplay! You seem to be very down to eath, open minded and cool, so I thought it would be awesome to become friends with you. We have some of the same interests and I thought maybe we could be friends? If not, then it's okay. I won't get all mad and bite off your head or anything. XD
Apr.22.05 (UTC) - Re: Add me?
Sure thing <333 Although I must warn you that my updates are really random at the moment... XD Mainly because I just haven't had time to sit down and make a real entry >< But yeah. Welcome!!
May.10.05 (UTC)
Hey, we saw eachother once at the mall and then I ate a banana and dropped the peel and you stepped on it and fell and I just knew that we were meant to be together because it was such a mirror of Hyde and Tetsu, because baby, they're together, and by Hyde and Tetsu I mean Hyde and Gackt, because that is OTP, baby. But then it started to rain and hail and this ship pulled up outside, and it was Miyavi dressed as captain Crunch (because you know he would do that) and he had taken Kyo and Kaoru's hat (who he mistook as the band mascot) hostage...

>_> Add me? XD Wheew, its a good thing I'm already on your list! :D <333 Actually, feel free to delete this. I just wanted to ramble. XD XD
May.10.05 (UTC)
*chainsaw* >_>
May.25.05 (UTC) - *shifty eyes*
Hey Lauren.... I'm not studing for finals so I'm adding you as my friend...

this is Rob by the way...

May.29.05 (UTC) - Re: *shifty eyes*
May.27.05 (UTC)
Yo. I've been friends with Toby since last summer, and I've been dying to meet you but he's too lazy to introduce us- so I'm finally taking the initiative to introduce myself.

Er, I'm Laren and I turn 18 in three months and I live in Wichita and I like j-rock and goth loli and such things. The end. My LJ is public so you can read my entries and decide if I'm worthy.
May.29.05 (UTC)
Jun.13.05 (UTC)
ok well thats really kewl and everthin but what about me >_
Jul.11.05 (UTC)
I LOVE your TemaShika icon. Where did you get it?!?!?!
Jul.11.05 (UTC)
The icon is made by patosan and can by found here :D
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
Sep.01.05 (UTC) - Hiya
Hey there, I'm Liam I'm 16 from Ireland and I love your site. You look fun lets be friends. I LOVE Battle Royale, my fav character is mitsuko, I have the manga and novel too. I like manga too, I love saiyuki,doll,cardcaptor sakura and Fruits basket/furuba. Unfortunately I dont see a lot of anime where i live,. I NEED cable. but I do watch Yu-gi-oh. Lets be friends!
Sep.01.05 (UTC) - Re: Hiya
Hehe, coolness.

Wish bestowed!! And system access granted liek whoah.

(Um yeah, in other words: Added!!)
Sep.02.05 (UTC)
Hello..This is Dan Tran. We talked on the phone at IHOP...Yes..Well..Add me and get to know me better. I'll add you and get to know you better. See? We get to know each other better. So add me or die..(not really) please?
Sep.02.05 (UTC)
Added :)
Oct.12.05 (UTC) - add me please...
im pretty sure this time u know who i am... or do you?
May.06.06 (UTC)
Hiya! :D I was wondering if you wanted to friend me! I looked through some of your info and we seem to like alot of the same animes and manga.

My name is Carly. Otherwise, Secret Agent Kodi. Not really, tho. 14 years, 15 this July. I'm into manga, anime, and pretty much anything to do with the computer. I live in FL, and I was a Coloridian ♥ till I was 9. I have 70 mangas *whoo* and I aint stoppin!
I'm into dark stuff like gothic lollita, HotTopic, Tim Burton movies, and all that, but I have a light side that I call Chu! O! And I'm OCD.
I hope we can be friends! ♥
May.07.06 (UTC) - Re: add me please...
Cool stuff, you're added~!!

Although my journal is made of random.

May.28.06 (UTC) - be my friend!
may i be your buddy?? dis is jane, 24, soon-to-be-formerly-working-at-suncoast, and yea... that suncoast chick ^^;
Jun.03.06 (UTC) - Re: be my friend!
You're added :D Sorry for the delay of doom :P
(Deleted comment)
Jun.19.06 (UTC)
Jul.18.06 (UTC)
omfg, I found this picture, and I felt such an overpowering need to give it to you that I actually got onto Livejournal to give it to you! xD


Enjoy <3


PS - EGL clothes? xD;;
Jul.26.06 (UTC)
I love your banner :P please friend me?
(Screened comment)
Sep.03.06 (UTC)
Oh dear Anonymous, as a matter of fact I did know. But being as you a) lack the skill to log in, or b) are afraid of some scaaaary internet backlash, I'm going to assume that it's NOT REALLY YOUR BUSINESS.

The intarweb is a free world. If she wants to rely on the fact that it's also a fucking "hueg" world, then that's fine with me. She knows I know anyway.

Funny how that works.
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